Spanish River Church

What to Expect

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Watch a welcome video from Senior Pastor Tommy Kiedis: click here.

Spanish River church sits on a 20-acre campus hosting a 1,500-seat Worship Center, a 400-seat Chapel that converts to a special event room, bustling preschool, kindergarten, elementary school and middle school, a state-licensed counseling center and 400-seat youth center complete with a game room, gym and multipurpose room.

You’ll see little ones playing in the nursery, teens heading to their own youth building after school, the guys getting together for a game of basketball or to just to talk, moms playing with toddlers in our River Tots mommy-and-me program, mothers and newborns hanging out together in our Nurturing Your Newborn classes and so much more. 

When you come to the Worship Center, you'll see a few guys in ties but mostly it's casual.  River Adventure is where the elementary-age kids hang out for tons of fun while mom and dad enjoy the worship service.  We take special care of the little ones in the Early Childhood Center in the rear of the worship center.

There's a crying room in the auditorium for parents and their little ones who get fussy during the service, and a family room in the Early Chilldhood Center, complete with cribs, rocking chairs, toys and closed circuit TV so you can still enjoy the service while feeding or caring for your infant or toddler.

If it's your first time to join us for worship, just head to the Worship Center Information Center and one of our greeters will be happy to escort you to the right places for you and your children.

We're here to make you feel welcome!!  Click here for campus map.


In 1967 David and Nori Nicholas and a small group of people met in an empty storefront near Palmetto Park Road to start a new way to celebrate faith. A joyful and inclusive way that would welcome all ages. The church they would build would be more than a church. It would be a community of love, friendship and faith.