Spanish River Church

Church Planters Retreat

Spanish River Church is committed to making a difference in people's lives - at home and and in the world. We believe the way to make a difference is by being a part of the local community. So we work together with the men and women who have a heart for their friends and neighbors.

Together we establish churches or help build them. Then we work side by side with the men who are or will become pastors of the local church. We help build orphanages, provide training and support for small businesses so the churches and the people can provide for themselves, the church, and their families. We share the truth of God's Word, the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, and the love God - one person at a time.

The Church Planters Conference convenes in the spring each year to enhance the work of church planting by providing fresh vision, practical skills and encouragement for church planters, partners, and friends of global outreach.