Spanish River Church

Creative Arts

Artist Team

/files/Photos Graphics Folders/Programming - Worship Arts/Creative-SRC-2.jpg This team of talented artists (painters, water colorists, seamstress’, carpenters, illustrators, calligraphers), help transform our lobby and stage from bland spaces into vibrant and artistic environments. They are involved in lobby/stage design, construction and painting. The team meets the 2nd Monday of every month to brainstorm and schedule upcoming projects. If you have a heart to create, sign up and join us!  We look forward to meeting you! Just click here.

/files/Photos Graphics Folders/Programming - Worship Arts/treasureprinciples-web.jpg /files/Photos Graphics Folders/Programming - Worship Arts/Creative-SRC-1.jpg

Performing Drama Team

/files/Photos Graphics Folders/Programming - Worship Arts/Creative-SRC-3.jpgDrama has been an active part of our worship services at Spanish River Church for over 20 years. The purpose of using drama in a weekend service is to enhance understanding of biblical truth as it relates to the relevant issues of our time. Members of this team use their gift of acting throughout the church from the weekend service, to the Children's Ministry, to Broward Outreach Center and even as announcers at our youth basketball league, Upward.  Due to the nature of the rehearsal time and given that this is a position of leadership in the church, we hold an audition/ interview for this team.  If your heart is to see God glorified through the dramatic arts, we invite you to audition.  Click here

Photography team

/files/Photos Graphics Folders/Programming - Worship Arts/Creative-SRC-4.jpgThe purpose of this team is to serve the Lord and bless others with their gifts and talents, by capturing the core of SRC community life and the Lord’s creation, through the art of photography. The team consists of both professional and recreational photographers. They contribute to many projects, from photo installations in the lobby, to providing images for use in the weekend services. They also serve the church community by photographing special events in the life of SRC.  The photography team meets the 3rd Sunday of every month to implement upcoming projects. If you desire to use your gift of photography to glorify God, we invite you to sign up!  Click here.

Creative Arts Support Team

This is a exceptional team of willing servants, enthusiastic to do whatever is needed to assist the Worship Arts Ministry - from Christmas decorating, to art and prop closet maintenance, to stage set-up, to Christmas Eve candle sorting. There are endless tasks behind-the-scenes in the Worship Arts Ministry and this team rolls up their sleeves and dives in! Community service hours are given to high school participants. Work-days are scheduled six to ten times throughout the year, on Sundays between 12:30 and 3:30 pm. If you are interested in serving on a team that makes things happen click here.

Places these teams serve:

The weekend services
Special events throughout the year 
River Adventure (children's ministry)
BOC (Broward Outreach Center homeless ministry)
Upward (youth basketball league within the church)

Interested in serving on our team?  Click here