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Missions Trips

What are “Missions”?

A mission, simply put, is bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who don't know Him as their Lord and Savior. It knows no limits in territory, people, places or methods used to reach those who are lost. God’s desire is that none should perish. So, how has He designed it so that
all can hear?

What is a Mission Trip?

Volunteering your time, talents and treasures - serving other people - is how we can express our love and thanks for all the things God has done for us. Let’s not look at what a typical Missions trip is, but what they can become, and how we can do God's will around the world and locally.

Why do we do Mission Trips?

  • To encourage the church planter and the church
  • To help share the bad news and good news of the Gospel
  • To help draw people to the church
  • To strengthen our faith
  • We are blessed by the experience

What are the Goals for all Mission Trips?

  • Go only when invited by the church planter
  • Gospel centered
  • Partner with the church planter
  • Meet expressed needs
  • Conduct outreach activities to grow church plants
  • Involve local church members
  • Make meaningful use of the skills of the team
  • Each trip is to be self-supporting

What is a Vision Trip?

Where the patron/benefactor travels to the church, facility he/she helped plant. Some people are blessed with the ability to give large sums of money and might like to travel to visit the buildings for which they provided major funding. An example of a patron/benefactor is when an entire family, a business or a businessman becomes the benefactor for a particular church, country or church planter.

SRC Church Plants Around the Globe

SRC through its Global Outreach ministry has planted almost 300 churches in the last 20 years, and now has a presence in 15 different countries. The mission of Global Outreach is to plant gospel-centered, reproducing churches around the world using indigenous leaders.

How does Spanish River Church support church planting? 

  • SRC Church Planting Board evaluates proposals from potential church planters and approves funding
  • Small Groups small groups are encouraged to connect with church planters to pray for them and provide encouragement
  • Church Planter Retreat church planters and movement leaders meet for training and to encourage each other
  • Mission trips mission teams travel to church plant locations to provide medical care, conduct outreach activities or to meet other expressed needs

Are you interested in serving alongside others in our community on one of our 2014 missions opportunities? 
Click on the links below to learn more.

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Malawi & South Africa

Click here to donate to a mission trip.