Spanish River Church

Mexico (Youth) - June 2012

Youth Missions Trip (High School)
June 16-23, 2012

What are “missions”?
A mission, simply put, is bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who don't know Him as their Lord and Savior. It knows no limits in territory, people, places, or methods used to reach those who are lost. God’s desire is that none should perish. So, how has He designed it so that
all can hear?

What is a Missions Trip?
Volunteering your time, talents and treasures - serving other people - is how we can express our love and thanks for all the things God has done for us. Let’s not look at what a typical Missions trip is but what they can become and how we can do Gods will around the world and locally.

Specific Purpose of this Trip:
  • Participate in conducting a Vacation Bible School as an outreach
  • Help train youth leaders / Sunday school teachers
  • Sports activities with the children
  • Help teach English
Who should go:  
  • Open to all high school student ministries


One           Missions Trips Explanation
Two           Application to Travel on a Missions Trip
Three         Covenant to Participate in Missions Trip

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