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Advent: Cry of the Heart

Advent reminds me that Christmas is more than a day. It is a season of reflection and preparation. In Advent we ponder God’s promises about his Messiah from beginning to end. 

We look back to the incarnation, the first coming of King Jesus and say, “Thank you, God for what you have done for us.” We look ahead expectantly to the second coming of King Jesus and say, “Help us to be ready, God.” Between the bookends of the first and second comings, we take a good hard look at our lives. 

Advent helps us recalibrate our lives, to get a refreshed perspective on our King: Who he is, what he’s done, and why it matters. During Advent we discover and rediscover that the deepest longings of our heart are satisfied in the Christ of Christmas. As we live in His presence and live out His purposes we more earnestly say, “Come Lord Jesus”