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This form is used to give us all the information that we will display on your Public Church Planter and Church Plant Profile Pages. This will be how you are represented to other Network Planters, your supporters at Spanish River, and those searching for you on the internet.

This form has two sections -the first is for personal information and second is for your church plant information.

Personal Details
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Body Text
This is where you get to present how God has transformed you and, and offer help, hope, and insights into those that read your page. 100 WORDS MINIMUM - 250 WORDS MAXIMUM
What are some of the ways that you've seen God change you through the gospel, and what are some areas that you sense him working on you now? 100 WORDS MINIMUM - 250 WORDS MAXIMUM
What were your initial thoughts about cultivating healthy relationships with your wife and kids before planting, and how has planting a church impacted or changed those thoughts? 100 WORDS MINIMUM - 250 WORDS MAXIMUM
What is the most impactful thing you've learned in the process of planting this church, and how has that changed you? 100 WORDS MINIMUM - 250 WORDS MAXIMUM
Church Details
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Describe in 250 words how you hope to impact your context. What changes do you hope to see bearing fruit five years from now?
Describe the vision you have for this church in 250 words. Who are you trying to reach, and what does success look like?