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Fight The New Drug

With the invention of the internet, pornography can be accessed from anywhere at any time. It is pervasive and a much larger issue than most people realize. Some researchers say that the average age of kids viewing pornography is 8 years old. Others say it 11. This is a conversation that needs to be had, and we need to be aware of how dangerous and prevalent pornography is.

Fight The New Drug is a non-profit organization that is focused on sharing the scientific facts and research about the harmful affects of pornography. Porn not only has negative effects on the individual, but pornography’s influence is causing huge problems in relationships, tearing apart families and the production of pornography is often inseparably connected to the world of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. The research is clear that pornography has negative neurological effects, is damaging to relationships, and is impacting our society as a whole. Fight The New Drug has spoken in over 400 school nation-wide, presented before the United Nations and been hosted on major news stations. They use science, research, and personal accounts to bring this issue out into the open and get people talking about something that has previously been considered taboo.

Join us for this free event as the Spanish River Counseling Center hosts Fight The New Drug. This event is for anyone 18 and older to learn about the harmful emotional, physical and sociological effects of pornography and what we can do about it. It is also designed to help parents understand the issue and how to talk with their kids. It will include a panel of experts and an opportunity to ask questions and get advice and resources.

Location: Worship Center
Doors open at 6:00pm
Middle School students can attend MS 2:42 in the Youth Building.

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Later Event: March 29
MS 2:42