Schedule & Assignments

Week 1, June 22: Introductions                                                            

  • Receive folders & books
  • Discuss LIFE Booklet

Week 2, June 29: Treasure Principle                                    

  • Discuss Chapters 1-3

Week 3, July 13: Treasure Principle                                                                      

  • Discuss Chapters 4-6

Week 4, July 20: I Am A Church Member                                                                      

  • Discuss Chapters 1-3

Week 5, July 27: I Am A Church Member                                                                         

  • Discuss Chapters 4-6
  • Discuss SRC Covenant

New Members Class Spiritual Gift Assessment & Forms

1. Spiritual Gifts Assessment

This will take you to a site where you will complete an online assessment; the results will be available to you immediately. You may print your results and retain a copy; Spanish River will also receive a copy of the results.  Please bring the results to the next Small Group Meeting.

Spiritual Gift Assessment »

2. MBTI (Myers-Briggs) Personality Type

Please write down your 4 letters and bring with you.

MBTI (Myers-Briggs) Personality Type »
Instructions on filling out the short assessment »

3. “Abilities” Worksheet

Download here »

4. “Heartbeat” Worksheet

Download here »