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We are taking a journey to improve our leadership, and we want you to join us.

The Leadership Development Pipeline

The Leadership Development Pipeline is a nine-month leadership intensive designed to increase the number of leaders at Spanish River Church and to sharpen our effectiveness as leaders for Christ. 

The only prerequisite is participation in a LifeGroup at Spanish River Church. 

We plan to launch the program the Fall of 2017. If you would like to receive more information about this program once we are closer to the launch, please click the button below.



The Leadership Pipeline exists to equip current and prospective leaders to carry out the mission of Spanish River Church: Practicing gospel living to help the casually connected deeply engage with Jesus.


The Leadership Pipeline is designed for anyone who wants to grow as a leader. It is also a prerequisite for those who would serve as LifeGroup Leaders, Deacons, and Elders.


The The Leadership Pipeline equips leaders for missional engagement in and through Spanish River by developing each leader in four essential areas:


1. Christian Character: The Scriptures highlight King David as one who led the nation with “integrity of heart” (Psalm 78:72). With similar emphasis, the New Testament prioritizes Christian character as the essential qualification for leaders in the Church (1 Timothy 3).

2. Biblical And Theological Foundations: God says he places above everything his name and his word (Psalm 138:2). The Pipeline will equip you with foundational knowledge of the narrative of Scripture, Biblical theology, and how to faithfully interpret the Scriptures.

3. Leadership Competencies: The psalms note that Israel’s greatest king led with integrity of heart and “skillful hands” (Psalm 78:72). The Leadership Pipeline will acquaint you with principles, practices, models, and tools to enhance your leadership effectiveness.

4. The SRC Distinctive: God has been using Spanish River Church to impact Boca Raton and our surrounding communities for fifty years. We love what God is doing. We are a church on mission. We want to help every leader align with our mission and vision.


Format & Curriculum


The Leadership Pipeline utilizes a blended teaching format. Each course consists of on-campus and online teaching and interaction. The format is ideal for leaders on the go.

Week 1 (On-campus & Online): We will come together to share a meal, listen to essential teaching, and discuss the implications. Students will also engage each other online.

Week 2 (Online): Students will interact with course materials (books, articles, videos) and engage each other utilizing our online learning platform.

Week 3 (On-campus & Online): The class will return to campus (Sunday or Wednesday) for accountability, teaching, and interaction. Students will also engage each other online.

Week 4 (Online): Students will interact with course materials (books, articles, videos) and engage each other utilizing our online learning platform. 


Spiritual Leadership (Objectives 1 & 3)
This course is an introduction to spiritual leadership. Using the life of King David as a template, we will examine principles of excellence necessary to thrive as a servant leader for Christ. Key reading: Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders

Spiritual Formation (Objective 1 & 3)
This course emphasizes the importance of personal and corporate spiritual growth. We will utilize selected readings and spiritual exercises to introduce the spiritual disciplines God uses to form you into the image of Christ. Key reading: The Plan; The Holy Spirit (Gospel Coalition)

What Is The Gospel? (Objective 1 & 3)
The gospel of Jesus Christ is God’s good news and the essence of the Christian life and message. This course examine the gospel and its implications for life and ministry. Key readings: “The Gospel In All Its Forms” (Keller); What Is The Gospel? (Gospel Coalition)

How We Live & Share The Gospel (Objective 1 & 3)
At the heart of the gospel message is the gospel mandate, “go and make disciples.” This course focuses on how we live and share the gospel in our homes, work, and communities. Key readings: The Cross-Centered Life (Mahaney); Gospel-Centered Ministry

The Bigger Story (Objective 2)
Your life is a story, but it only makes sense as a part of God’s bigger story. This course explores the fascinating bigger story of God—his character, plan, work, and fame—and how that story gives meaning to ours. Key reading: Welcome To The Story by Stephen Nichols

Explore The Book (Objective 2)
This course provides an overview of the sixty-six books of the Bible, how they all fit together, and why you can and should accept the Bible as “true truth.” Key readings: 30 Days to Understanding The Bible (Anders); Can We Know The Truth

What Is The Reformed Faith? (Objective 2)
Christians are defined by our beliefs, yet we sometimes have difficulty explaining the very beliefs we espouse. We will examine the essential Reformed doctrine and practice and why it matters. Key reading: The Westminster Confession of Faith; What Is A Reformed Church?

The SRC Distinctive (Objective 4)
Get ready to explore behind-the-scenes of Spanish River Church — literally and figuratively. We will discuss the cornerstone, the frame, and the upper room. It is our desire to help you discover your part in God’s vision for SRC. Key readings: The SRC Vision Frame

Roots: Understanding The History Of The Church & Why It Matters (Objective 2 & 4)
This course helps us understand the amazing heritage of the people of God. It introduces us to key figures, essential creeds, and why knowing the past helps us avoid errors in the present. Key readings: The Church: God’s New People; The Church History ABCs by Nichols

Leadership is a gift, a skill, and an art. The Leadership Pipeline will help you identify the gift, sharpen the skills, and perfect the art.

It will make you a better leader for God. 

Please Note: We plan to launch this program in the Fall of 2017. By clicking the button you are signing up to receive more information as the launch date nears. This is not a registration form for the program.