Blessed Are Those Who Hear the Word of God and Observe It.

// Luke 11:28

Prayer: What's Stopping You?

Prayer: What’s Stopping You?  will give us some fresh motivation for prayer. It is going to help us experience the kind of prayer that leads to deep engagement with Jesus. It is more than a sermon series. It is five weeks of insightful teaching combined with a powerful 25-day prayer tool to help us experience Sunday truth in everyday life. We’re going to be learning to talk with God, not at him. We’re going to be practicing gospel living on a whole new level. Some of us will be praying like we never have before. The casually connected around us will see the difference because they will see God at work. 

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Prayer Devotional

As part of this prayer series, we are providing a free 25 Day Prayer Devotional. Through this devotional we are going to get some fresh motivation for prayer, experience deep engagement with Jesus, learn how to talk with God, not at Him, pray like we have never prayed before and see God work in unexpected ways.

We hope you will join us on this prayer journey!

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