My next step is to connect.

The love of God brings all types of people together. Our church family is an example of that.

We would love to meet you and help you find your place this community.

It can be challenging to meet new people, or to know how to get involved in a new place so we have put together some opportunities that will hopefully help you take your first steps towards connecting with Spanish River Church.

There are many ways to connect and we want to help you find the perfect fit.

Join a sports team. »

Serve alongside others »

Speak with someone who can help you connect »

My next step is to believe.

Who is Jesus? Your answer to this question will shape the way you live every part of your life.

We have found great freedom and joy as we have come to know and accept Jesus for who he said he is. We would really enjoy the opportunity to talk with you about what you believe and to share the reason we have such great confidence and hope in Jesus.

Here are some resources that will help you figure out what a next step towards belief might look like: Watch stories about how people in our church came to believe in Jesus. Read more information about what we believe.

FAQ's about faith »

Who is Jesus »

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My next step is to join a lifegroup.

We believe that life and faith are not meant to be experienced alone.

Lifegroups are an intentional way we bring people together for growth in faith and encouragement in how we individually live the gospel (follow Jesus) in our own walks of life.

Individual groups will have different specific formats and meeting schedules, but the heart of all our lifegroups is the desire to develop community among believers and to provide an opportunity for ongoing growth in discipleship. We have groups for various life stages and age groups, groups that are career or industry-specific, and groups that share a commitment to a particular geographic location in South Florida.

Every group is different, and we want to help you find the perfect fit.