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 For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them. 

// Mathew 18:20


Thrive: Living In Peace Under Pressure

The pressure to improve, to stay connected, to put our best face forward, to be seen as present, busy, and productive is becoming the litmus test for our worth and identity. It is also leaving us breathless, unsettled, and full of anxiety. Jesus calls us to a better way of living. Thrive takes into their topsy-turvy worlds to discover what “shifting the point of gravity” looks like in the day-to-day. Jesus wants to “deeply engage” with you in every facet of life. He wants you to thrive. This series will help.



Acts: Empowered For Jesus' Mission

Acts is all about practicing gospel living and the work of the Holy Spirit that makes it possible. In Acts chapters 6 - 9, Luke records God’s work through the lives of many people, but three in particular: Stephen, Philip, and Paul. Through them we see how the Spirit empowers us to step up on the Kingdom Platforms he gives us and what happens when we do. Acts: Empowered For Jesus’ Missionwill help us live out our mission by reorienting our hearts and minds to living in the way of Jesus where we live, work and play.



Your Verse

Slogans. Symbols. Sayings. How do you express yourself? As Christians, we know the Bible is a book of God’s limitless love, His promises, and His desires for our lives. And it’s in these words that we learn how to live and what to live for. Throughout the month of July, we will hear from special guest speakers about their "one verse" - the one verse that has most impacted their lives. Join us for this series as we discover how just one verse - your verse - can change your life.




Our mission is “Practicing gospel living to help the casually connected deeply engage with Jesus.” Part of living out the gospel is giving honor in the church (to those who exhibit the gospel in their words and service) and as the church (to those in society who are agents of God for the good of society).



Reconcile: Resolving Conflict. Finding Peace.

Our mission is “Practicing gospel living to help the casually connected deeply engage with Jesus.” Deep engagement with Jesus means being reconciled to God and others. This series will help us learn how to do the intentional and hard work of reconciliation.



We Are SRC

Our  mission is “Practicing gospel living to help the causally connected deeply engage with Jesus.” We Are SRC helps each member of our Spanish River Church family learn and practice what it means to live “on mission.”



Vision Sunday 2017

God has put Spanish River Church here in Boca Raton for "such a time as this." Join us this Sunday as Tommy shares the mission and vision for our SRC family.



50th Anniversary Celebration

On February 4, 2017 we celebrated our fiftieth anniversary and all that God has done in and through Spanish River Church.



A Better Kind of Life

There is something special about January 1st. With the New Year comes a fresh start. As we launch into 2017, we want to take a step toward God’s preferred future for our church family, but also for each one of us individually. To get there we are going to learn how to pattern our lives in ways that help us deeply engage with Jesus and more effectively serve as His people in Boca Raton and our surrounding communities. Join us for A Better Kind of Life and discover five daily habits that shape Christian maturity.



Christmas Eve Services

Each year we celebrate God's incredible gift of Jesus' birth during four special services on December 24th. If you can't join us in person, share in our celebration via livestream. Merry Christmas!



Advent: Worth The Wait

The political landscape is bright with promises, but bleak with deliverance. In short, the kings of the world disappoint us. Visions fail. Promises are broken. Peace is allusive. Justice hides. We can imagine better; we simply cannot bring it about.

Enter the Messiah. During this Advent season we will take a look at how Isaiah described the Messiah. As we come to better understand and enlarge our picture of God, our faith will grow and we will be reminded that He is so worth wait. So we wait — in the “already but not yet” — patiently, confidently, expectantly ... and on mission for Him. 



Cold-Case Resurrection

J. Warner Wallace will investigate the most important evidential claim of Christianity: The Resurrection of Jesus. Why should anyone believe in the Resurrection when there are so many other ways to explain the empty tomb and the alleged eyewitness sightings of the risen Christ? Is the Resurrection of Jesus reasonable? Is it, in fact, the most reasonable inference from evidence? J. Warner will teach you how to use Abductive Reasoning to examine the Resurrection so you can have confidence in what you believe as a Christian and communicate the truth to others.



Jesus & Politics

It’s election season. How should a Christian engage politics and the political process? What does it look like to be secure in our ultimate hope in the current political landscape? How do we engage in “political reconciliation” and not political reaction? Jesus and Politics will help us more deeply engage with Jesus as we learn from him how to live in our exciting and volatile political world. 



Empowered Parenting

According to pollster George Barna, 75,000 books on parenting have been published in the last ten years. Are we any better off? Some days it seems not. But that can change. It's time to be fearless parents in a fear-filled world. Let's swap another piece of good advice for real positive change and join us for this new series as we are encouraged and strengthened. We will discover God's power to help, and through his promises find peace even in the most challenging situations.



The Essentials

As a community responding to Jesus call, "Come follow me," we must understand "the essentials" of what it means to be a Christian. In 1 John, John writes a letter to a people who are in danger of being seduced from Christ instead of being persecuted for Christ. In this summer series we will learn to go back to the basics when it comes to our heads (theological understanding), our hearts (our devotional intensity) and our hands (our ethical edge). 



Every Square Inch

“There is not a square inch on the whole plain of human existence over which Christ, who is Lord over all, does not proclaim: ‘This is mine.” These words from Abraham Kuyper capture the supremacy of Christ in everything. This is the Jesus who summons us with the words, “Come follow me.” As a community responding to that call, we are discovering that it is following Christ as King, following him as his contrast community, and following him as torchbearers where we live, work, and play. Paul’s letter to the Colossians provides the framework for how we realize, with increasing depth, the supremacy of Christ and our part in His great story.



Famous Unbelievers

Ever have doubt? Then join us for a seven week journey to a stronger faith. We're going to step into the shoes of some "famous unbelievers." We'll watch as God turns doubts into faith. We'll grow as we learn what it means to have doubt an to wholly trust God through it all. Why not come along? God will be glorified in your life, and you'll come out stronger on the other side.



Advent: A Better Day

We want a better world. We think we can get there. We just don't know how long it will be or who will lead us. As a community responding to that call,  we will dig deep into the prophecy of Zephaniah during this Advent season. Zephaniah points us to a better day - “the day of the LORD” - and to the One who will take us there. As Melinda Quivik notes, “Zephaniah's words lay down a perspective in which to appropriately receive the savior.”



Parables: Pictures Of The Kingdom

As a community responding to Jesus’ call, “Come follow me”, we must live as Kingdom citizens and understand why Jesus used stories and what he has to say to us about his kingdom through them. In this series, we look at how discipleship and Kingdom living go hand in hand.



A Meal With Jesus

If time around the table was integral to the way Jesus did ministry, shouldn’t that practice mark the way we live as his followers? As a community responding to Jesus’ call, “Come follow me”, we are going to discover afresh the wonder and joy, the challenge and inconvenience, the delight and satisfaction of extending and experiencing his grace around the table. As we do this we will experience more of what it means to be the family of faith and to live as disciples on mission with him in Boca Raton and our surrounding communities. 



Fearless: Living Bold In Troubling Times

We're living in troubled days. Fear is debilitating emotionally, physically and spiritually. It saturates us then paralyzes us. When we open the pages of scripture we discover that living with fear is normal, but living in fear is not. In fact, "Fear not" is the most often repeated admonition in the scripture. As a community responding to Jesus' call, "Come follow me", we want to discover the peace and the power, the boldness and the confidence that his early disciples did.



Crazy In Love

The Song of Songs gives us a picture of an idyllic love. It is as if the love, fractured in the garden, is now restored to what it should be. Christians know this love comes from Christ. As a community responding to Jesus' call, “Come follow me”, we want to discover the secret to his love in our dating, marriages and sexuality. In this series, Crazy In Love, we will learn about what the contented and committed (the crazy in love) know and do.



Creed: What You Believe Matters

Jesus, the Living Word of God, was anchored to the Scriptures, the written word of God. As a community responding to his call, “Come follow me” it is essential that we do the same. We are called to understand and anchor our beliefs to the big picture of the Bible. In this series, we will study The Apostles’ Creed and come to understand the basics of the Christian message—the gospel itself. 



A Borrowed Life

Spanish River Church is a community responding to Jesus call, “Come follow me.” This means that Jesus is the Lord and leader of all of life — our time, talents, treasures and tasks. In A Borrowed Life we are learning that we “are not our own” and that following Jesus is understanding, embracing, and living as great stewards of the life he has given us and things he has entrusted to us. 



Advent: The Coming Attraction

When Jesus said, “Come follow me” it was a call to follow him 24/7 as Ambassadors. Discipleship encompasses a full scope of history past, present, and future. Those who respond to Jesus’ call anchor their souls to their ultimate Hope by reflecting on the glimpses of life in the new heavens and new earth. In Advent: The Coming Attraction we will learn that advent gives us a preview of Jesus and His coming kingdom.



Growing Healthy Families

When Jesus said, “Come follow me” it was a call to follow him 24/7, including in our families. While that sounds easy enough, living out our faith at home can be tough at any season of life. It helps when we understand the implications of the gospel for our families. Growing Healthy Families will help us discover and learn how to live as Jesus-centered, gospel- centered, grace-centered families.



Meeting God In The 9 to 5

When Jesus said, “Come follow me” it was a call to follow him 24/7, including our work. Work is God’s tool to help us know him, love him, and serve others. Meeting God In The 9-to-5 will help us understand vocational discipleship, to see Jesus in our work and as we work.



Vision Sunday 2014

It never hurts to get a little better perspective. We need this for our lives and we need it for our church as well. Vision Sunday is an opportunity for us to look up, to get the bigger picture, and a better perspective.  Our hope is that God uses this time to clear the fog and help us see "the road ahead” more clearly. 



Explore: Taking A Look At Christianity

As a community following Jesus' call, "Come follow me", we are faced with questions about our faith and whether we truly believe the exclusive claims of Christ. In this series we will explore the claims of Christianity and the exclusive claims of Jesus.