“First, think. Second, dream. Third, believe. And finally, dare.”
-Walt Disney

Let’s Dream Together.

Please allow 2 weeks minimum for your requests. For more information about our guidelines, click here »

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What is the due date for your materials?

Communication Request Guidelines

Promotion Strategy

1. All promotions from the stage must be in alignment with SRC’s mission, values and strategy.

2. Promotions that are specifically tailored to reach new or lost people get priority in the promotional schedule (i.e., DiscoverSRC, LifeGroups, Discover Kingdom Platform, etc.).

3. Promotional requests need to be made at least two weeks in advance of promotional start date. Promotions and content must be approved by the church staff and we reserve the right to refuse any promotional request.

4. A promotion request must be submitted for each new occurrence of an event.


Our Guidelines

- Not every event can nor will be promoted from the stage or through the bulletin. Each ministry or group needs to have their own channel of communication that is not dependent upon the church.

- More advance notice to our promotions team = more and better promotions/art/everything (more=more).

- We have found that events that are promoted too far in advance do not get a great turn out (tons of notice=lack of urgency).

- We have found that personal invites are the most effective type of promotion.

- If the event is not being promoted by SRC and you would like to use the SRC logo or church name, the promotional materials must be approved by the SRC promotional staff.

- Use proper request channels. Requests made using improper channels (i.e., Facebook message, texting, etc.) will not be reviewed or approved.

- There are a ton of good things that SRC could be doing and promoting - however, good distracts from the best, and we cannot do every good thing.