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Our men's LifeGroups are designed to encourage and support men throughout all of the different life stages. Our men's LifeGroups offer Bible studies, leadership training, and more! We encourage you to explore how our men's LifeGroups can help you grow today.


Current Men’s Group Study


How does a man stay afloat and on course in the high seas of a busy life? The answer is in the Plimsoll Line. During this insightful and practical time, Tommy Kiedis will help us wrestle with the essential issue of capacities. No man can do it all. That’s why every man must be able to understand, evaluate and leverage his unique capacities. The Plimsoll Line will help you “draw the line” that leads to personal and organizational vitality.

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Class Information

Wednesday Mornings: FEBRUARY 6 - FEBRUARY 27

7:00am - 8:00am • Chapel Room 2 • There is a $10 fee for course materials.


7:00pm - 8:00pm • Chapel Room 2 • There is a $10 fee for course materials.

*No Registration Required.

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