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About the Series

Have you ever decided that you want to work out and do a better job taking care of your body? Or, have you ever made a commitment to breaking a bad habit? Most of us have something that we want to change about our behavior and yet very few of us have figured out how to actually do it.

During this study we’re going to invite you to get back to the basics and to actually take the second half of the Great Commandment literally. The vast majority of us wish that we were closer to our neighbors, but that is often where it stops. The real question is this, “How can we become better neighbors?”


Video One: Week One

Video Three: Week Three

Video Two: Week Two

Video Four: Week Four



About this Study:

This study was curated specifically for Spanish River Church. All of the material for this study derived from a book entitled “The Art of Neighboring” written by Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon. Their book was highly influential and we strongly recommend reading this book along with the study.