Why Do We Give?


Living Generously.

We teach and practice the Biblical principle of tithing. Tithe means a tenth. When we tithe, we give 10 % of our income to God. God not only calls us to give as an act of obedience but to give generously. Once you are faithfully tithing, we would like you to consider giving above and beyond. 

God demonstrates great generosity in his love and provision for us. As we understand his generosity towards us, our circumstances are put into perspective, and we are drawn to greater generosity with others.

We believe living generously involves more than just money. We steward our time, talents, and resources. We believe God has uniquely designed us for a specific purpose. We call this purpose our Kingdom Platform. We encourage you to discover yours today!


Just as individuals in the church are modeling financial stewardship, we as a church also aim to steward our finances responsibly so that we may be more generous locally and globally.

Because we believe that local churches are the best way to meet practical, spiritual, and emotional needs, we dedicate 20% of our annual budget to support domestic and international church planting.

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